Photo: Amy Bown

Photo: Amy Bown

Healthcare/Medical Marketing

I have done a lot of healthcare work.  My clients have ranged from small rural practices to major medical centers. I have interviewed surgeons across the world, talked to patients here at home, and written about a wide range of specialties. In addition to the clients listed here, I have worked for Finger Lakes Community Health,  University Medical Imaging, and Rochester Regional Health. 

The University of Rochester Medical Center 

URMC's Orthopaedics Department is top-ranked in the country. I wrote their newsletter, In Motion, for more than five years. I also wrote brand materials for URMC's affiliates, Strong Memorial Hospital, Highland Hospital, and Lakeside Health System.  I wrote and produced radio spots for Strong Vision and Strong OB-GYN. I also wrote articles about cardiac care, the vestibular system, cochlear implants, radiology, breast care, and women's health. 

Motion Intelligence

For this project with Dixon Schwabl and Associates, I was hired to name a new concussion testing product targeted at the diagnosis and prevention of concussions, particularly in young athletes. 

Lakeside Health System

Located in Brockport, NY, Lakeside is now part of the University of Rochester Medical Center health system.  Just before the transition, Lakeside was struggling with the perception that, as a small-town hospital, it didn't provide high quality care. Our task was to educate people that it is is a top-ranked health system with URMC-affiliated specialists. Working with Marketing Collaborative, I did a series of print ads and rewrote their website. 

Planned Parenthood


When people think of "protection" in this context, they automatically think of birth control.  For this annual report, I developed the concept of "protection" to have multiple meanings, with the main message being that Planned Parenthood itself needs to be protected. Each spread had a different theme: protecting our bodies, families, ideals, and freedoms.